Four Seasons Drabble – Cats

Series: Four Seasons
Title: Post-ES & Pre-AC Drabbles – Cats & MiniJOLNIR
Rating: PG
Pairing: Grif x Simmons
Warnings: Mild Language

Summary: … Grif & Simmons. A Cat. and Donut.
(I can’t say much more without giving too much away.)

Special thanks go to [info]miss_poppet, who has offered up her services and does a wonderful job as the Beta of the series!

Author’s NotesI work in a retail store. I get bored. Sometimes, an image gets stuck in my head. This is one of those images.

Dexter Grif was, once again, hiding from duty behind the base. He was sprawled full length on the ground with a cigarette in hand. Simmons, who was legitimately off duty, stood nearby leaning against the base. Simmons thought little of the black cat when it showed up and sauntered into the shade of the base. The cat was sleek and such a dark black it looked almost indigo. Grif’s arm moved the cigarette to his lips, his chest expanded and he exhaled a cloud of smoke.

The cat watched in fascination as the plume of gray shattered and spread through the unpredictable breeze the blew between the canyon wall and the base. The process repeated itself several times, with the cat coming closer each time, until the cat was immediately next to Grif. On the next exhale the cat used the orange armored chest as a springboard to leap and slash at the tendrils of smoke.

Grif threw himself snarling to his feet, silver claws flashing through the air in an attempt to slice the cat to bits. The cat twisted in midair to dodge the attack and hit the ground running with an unhappy yowl. The black-furred blur ground to a stop and pounced on the orange helmet next to Simmons. The cat hissed, then launched itself straight up, using Simmons’ armored head as a springboard to reach the top of the base. There the feline stopped with another hiss and settled into the ‘I’m superior to you’ pose that cats were so talented at.

“Dex,” Simmons used a warning voice. “Claws.”

The shocked look on Grif’s face as he stared at his hands and the places where the metal blades extended between his knuckles. They retracted suddenly but the panicked look didn’t leave his face. “A… ca… cat?”

“That’s right. Just a cat. No tentacles.”

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