Four Seasons Drabble – Cold

Series: Four Seasons
Title: Post-ES & Pre-AC Drabble – Cold
Rating: PG
Pairing: Grif x Simmons
Warnings: Mild Language

Summary: Grif reviews debriefing documents immediately after he and Simmons return to Blood Gulch.

Author’s Notes: I wrote for the soul purpose of getting to use the final line. *snicker* And since I felt like releasing something else while I’m fiddling around doing nothing tonight. After spending forever between the Social Security Administration Office and the Department of Transportation… I need to do something fun 🙂

Special thanks go to miss_poppet, who has offered up her services and does a wonderful job as the Beta of the series!

Grif was sprawled on his stomach with the debriefing reports that had been sent with him from the UNSC Dark Tide spread in front of him. His hatred of the reports was only made sufferable by the fact that they gave him an excuse to say inside where it was cooler. Since his and Simmons’ room was fairly comfortable (unlike Donuts “room” in the basement) there was nothing wrong with the situation. The only thing that could have been it better is if the AC had worked well enough that he hadn’t stripped down to his armor undersuit, and even that he’d peeled from his upper body so that it hung around his waist.

He absorbed himself in learning the parts of the story he’d told his commanding officers that had been classified. A surprising amount of information was classified, including the fact that Kael was home to a species of huge venomous felid with claws that could tear MJOLNIR apart and three Kaelsar had bested an exhausted, sleeping Spartan. In fact, save for the fact that he’d ended up on Kael as the result of an ‘Operations Complication’ and later been recovered, pretty much anything he’d told them about was officially classified.

Grif was completely absorbed in the fantasy he was allowed to tell the press (and apparently there was a strong suspicion that, with the Kael UN Recognition going through soon, the press would be doing everything in their power to track down the Spartans’ who had the misfortune of giving Kael leverage) that he didn’t notice when Simmons walked into the room. The cyborg started out intent on donning armor, but hadn’t even gotten started when he realized Grif was completely ignoring him.

Simmons left hand snaked out to come to rest on the bared back. “Dexter.”

Grif twisted away from the icy cold with a yelp. “What the fuck?!” Papers flew and Grif would have ended up on the floor of the bed wasn’t against the wall.

“Nervous much?”

“No, Your hand was cold, you cockbite.” Grif pulled himself into a sitting position. “Technology of worlds at their disposal, and they can’t put something in there to keep it at a normal body temperature?”

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