Four Seasons Drabble – Language

Series: Four Seasons
Title: Post-ES & Pre-AC Drabble – Language
Rating: G
Pairing: Grif x Simmons
Warnings: Fluff?

Summary: Simmons looks to resolve something that’s annoyed him in the past.

Author’s Notes[info]vadadaca recently made a Post that mentioned Four Seasons in such a warm and fuzzy way that I couldn’t help but cave and post one of the various drabbles I’ve been writing early! They’re set between Eternal Summer, but before Autumn Colors begins…

AM willing to take prompts that are as detailed or as vauge as you’d like, though I don’t swear to take everything, just what inspires me.

Special thanks go to [info]miss_poppet, who has offered up her services and does a wonderful job as the Beta of the series!

“I’m not sure you’d ever be able to speak it, Richie. Humans can’t make a lot of the sounds…”

“My name is Richard. Stop calling me Richie.” Simmons’ glared at the brunette sharing the floor, and laid another of the cards into the solitaire layout. “You said you’d teach me K’sar.”

“I can teach you to understand it… but it’ll have to be like Han Solo in Star Wars. He understands what Chewie’s saying, but talks to him in English.” Grif brushed the cards out of his way to sprawl with his head in the other man’s lap. “You’re going to have a hard enough time understanding it. There’s a lot of sounds you just won’t hear… some of it’s not really on the spectrum humans use… and the body language parts are mostly instinct, not really taught. It’s subtle stuff that we don’t really process on the conscious level.”

“Try me.”

“Fine.” Grif thought for a second, then growled. Twice. “Can you tell the difference, Richie?”

“No.” He answered honestly, accepting the fact that Grif would catch the lie. “And stop calling me that.”

“Dick isn’t right, and Richard’s too formal.” The same words he’d used a hundred times. “One was pack. The other was pack-less. Really they’re a bad example. You don’t have to get the undertone to know which one they mean, most of the time. Or, you will.”

“Fine, Dex. Now teach me something a beginner can learn. You said you’d teach me the language.”

“You just think it’s sexy when I growl.” Grif laughed. The sound was truly relaxed with a rumbling undercurrent he usually had to work to hide. “But all right. K’sar basics, it is.”


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