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Various things that Kitsu has recommended over the ages. If you have a suggestion for something you think Kitsu should read, leave it in the comments, please. She original saved all recommendations, but this is now just the highlights from her recs, the things she thinks she might re-read someday.

Last Updated: 29 August 2016
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  • Thirst by Velithya
    PG: Slash, Blood, Vampires
    I’m a sucker for a good vampire story, and while this one doesn’t get into the hows and whyfors, it certainly puts a character you wouldn’t expect to in a vampire situation.
  • Call Me Old Fashioned by Oohshasha
    PG-13: Slash, Cuteness
    Five times Thor tried to woo Steve and failed. One time that it worked. Adorable, though a touch abrupt at the end.
  • Fic prompts #2 and #4 by kaihire
    PG-13: Slash, Just plain fun
    Prompts: sobakunorozu answered: Something cute and fluffy. icantstandmeno answered: Steve buys Tony a puppy. 😕 . These were both short and sweet, so I hope you guys don’t mind that I combined them!
  • NEW The Historian by Oh_Toasty
    PG-13: Slash, Badass alternate history
    He is known by many names: Amdiff, Aexar, Agvil,Aullod and he will be known by many more: Howard, Tony, Stark, Iron Man.

Big Bang Theory

  • 3 a.m. (5705 words) by clumsy ghost
    G: Slash, Fluff
    Five years after the death of his wife, Leonard is reluctant to move on. Sheldon, however, is more than ready.
  • The Texan Revelation (2595 words) by clumsy ghost
    G: Slash
    Mrs. Cooper deals with news about her son’s relationship with his friend.
  • July Fourth (999 words) by clumsyghost
    G: Slash
    Sheldon and Leonard spend the Fourth of July in Texas.
  • Buoyancy (3247 words) by clumsy ghost
    R: Slash, Wet geeks
    Leonard confronts Sheldon about his fear of swimming.
  • The Tea and Sympathy Alternative (3128 words) by concupiscence66
    NC-17: Slash
    Leonard is moping and Sheldon does some research on the internet. Hard core smut, hard core Sheldon being Sheldon.

Chronicles of Riddick Series

  • Learn to Play (1195 words) by ArtAngst
    PG-13: Slash
    Riddick tries to get Vaako to have some fun. Vaako is mostly unamused. Mostly.


  • Traditional by DameRuth
    Sherlock (BBC), His Dark Materials (Sherlock/John)
    G: Slash, Fluff
    The Holmes at Christmas. With Daemons and John Watson in tow.
  • Two Doctors, A Nurse, A Detective and A Scot by Writingispudy
    Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC) (Sherlock/John, Amy/Rory)
    G: Slash, Het, Humor
    Epic hilarious and clever-offs between the galaxies two cleverest beings. Also, deerstalkers are cool.
  • The Hedgehog’s Dilemma by Chase Acow
    Psych, His Dark Materials (Shawn/Lassiter)
    PG-13: Slash, Humor
    Because everything should get cross to HDM. Everything!

Fast and the Furious

  • Caught by Twilighthdfan
    NC-17: Slash
    A very small and yet profound made by changing the target of a single sentence can change an entire moment.
  • The Way Home (16713 words) by elfin
    NC-17: Slash
    The team rescues Dom from the prison bus and head south. On the road, everything changes.

Harry Potter

  • Poisons and Remedies by Megyal
    (Harry x Draco)
    NC-17: Slash
    An interesting future-view of the potential world of Harry Potter, in which the key to defeating darkness was embracing it.


  • Control by flying_monkees
    (Sylar x West)
    NC-17: Non-con, underage, mindfucking
    I’m warped. Nothing more or less. Wonderfully written.

Jurassic Park

  • No Force On Earth Or Heaven by Tarlan
    (Alan x Billy)
    PG-13: Slash, Violence
    A retelling of JP3 that includes a touch of homoerotic romance.


  • Ties That Bind by Miko no Da
    R: Slash, Mild Hurt/Comfort
    Decidedly fun story in which Neiji and Kiba become bound by a jutsu and learn not only to tolerate each other, but to appreciate each other.


  • Heaven or the Highway Out of Town by barstool rodeo
    R: Slash, Rated higher than it deserves (Kitsu thinks it’s PG-13)
    After getting shot and having to shoot a suspect, Shawn hits the road but he’s not going to do it alone. Somewhat angsty, mildly funny in places.
    (This links the final chapter, which is the only one with links to all the others)

Red vs Blue

  • Aim by Grimmons88
    (Grif x Simmons)
    NC-17: Slash, Explicit Sex, Violence, Language, Mildly Non-consensual sex
    This is one of those stories that drew me into the RvB Slash fandom with it’s blatant Cyborg!Simmons and dark tones. Deep darkness is interspersed with moments of shining light. Definitely worth the read. I dream of a sequel… or at least a oneshot with the two (relatively) happy together.
  • Deconstruction by tsukinobotan
    (Grif x Simmons)
    PG: Slash, Language
    A lovely piece in which Donut and Grif interact on the subject of Simmons.
  • Fanart Post by tttroy
    (Donut x Caboose, Grif x Simmons, Caboose, Church x Caboose)
    PG: Slash
    A lovely set of finished and sketch works. I really love tttroy’s style, and thier take on the characters. I honestly can’t wait to see more.

Sherlock (BBC)

  • Bells Are Ringing by Basingstoke
    G: Slash, Schmoop
    So cute. So much fun. Mycoft makes Sherlock French. Absolutely made me giggle.
  • Black Ice by Elvendork
    G: Slash, Hurt/Comfort
    A pretty little hurt comfort piece with everyone in character.
  • An Addition to the Family by i_know_its_0ver
    G: Slash
    Because everyone needs a dog.
  • An Idle Quest by coloredink
    G: Slash
    An adorable little tale in which Sherlock takes the initiative to be romantic.
  • I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You by etothepii (Stochastical)
    R: Slash, Paranormalness
    Sherlock as a demon. Amazing story with a great deal of feeling to it. Worth a read.
  • Lab Book by Sam Storyteller
    NC-17: Slash
    I adore this one. Characterization is dead on and that can be hard when they’re acting so cute.
  • Lupercalia ‘verse by Mad_Maudlin
    R: Slash, Paranormalness
    Such a fascinating universe. I <3 werewolves.
  • Shadows on the Wall by AraSigyrn
    PG: Slash, Awesome paranormalness
    I adore anything paranormal in this fandom, and this story is exceptional. It contains great buildup to get to the point where John’s secret needs revelation and employs a wonderful AU rewrite of much the main storyline. A stellar work.
  • Show Me How to Stop Running by etothepii (Stochastical)
    R: Slash, Paranormalness
    I have this thing for supernatural sherlock stories, I really do. Werewolves in this one, it’s very much fun. Also, DI Lestrade in a positive light. gotta love that.
  • That thing you like by misspamela
    NC-17: Slash
    I’ve long been a sucker for a holiday story, but this one is extra fun and very well written.
  • They tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too) by etothepii (Stochastical)
    PG: Slash, Paranormalness
    I completely want a sequel to this. Technomancer John is just fun.


  • Fait Accompli by MissJinny
    R: Slash, Violence, Hurt/Comfort
    Wolfwood dosen’t die. I don’t feel like more needs saying. Certain episodes of the show just happen to be above my notice.
  • Sweating Bullets by Tenshi
    NC-17: Slash, Hurt/Comfort
    Improvised medical services followed by debauchery
  • Visible Scars by Andraste
    NC-17: Slash
    Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun finally driving him crazy, or dehydration making him light-headed. Nick doesn’t care. By the time they reach a town and find a cheap hotel, he’s so far gone that when the girl behind the counter winks at him and asks if he wants her to charge them by the hour or the night, he just blinks


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