Recommendations – Week of 8 May 2011

In an effort to get back into thinking more about what’s what and what I read/ect… I’m sharing things again. This is not everything I read, just those things that stick out and I consider work retaining a record of. Things I think others should read, too.

Sherlock (BBC, 2011)

  • Black Ice by Elvendork
    G: Slash, Hurt/Comfort
    A pretty little hurt comfort piece with everyone in character.
  • An Idle Quest by coloredink
    G: Slash
    An adorable little tale in which Sherlock takes the initiative to be romantic.
  • Bells Are Ringing by Basingstoke
    G: Slash, Schmoop
    So cute. So much fun. Mycoft makes Sherlock French. Absolutely made me giggle.
  • Lab Book by Sam Storyteller
    NC-17: Slash
    I adore this one. Characterization is dead on and that can be hard when they’re acting so cute.

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