Recommendations – Week of 12 June 2011

This is not everything I read, just those things that stick out and I consider work retaining a record of. Things I think others should read, too.



  • Call Me Old Fashioned by Oohshasha
    PG-13: Slash, Cuteness
    Five times Thor tried to woo Steve and failed. One time that it worked. Adorable, though a touch abrupt at the end.


Fast and the Furious

  • Caught by Twilighthdfan
    NC-17: Slash
    A very small and yet profound made by changing the target of a single sentence can change an entire moment.



  • Visible Scars by Andraste
    NC-17: Slash
    Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun finally driving him crazy, or dehydration making him light-headed. Nick doesn’t¬†care. By the time they reach a town and find a cheap hotel, he’s so far gone that when the girl behind the counter winks at him and asks if he wants her to charge them by the hour or the night, he just blinks